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The National Multicultural Business Conference Arrives

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:17 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:17 AM ]

By Diana Rohini La Vigne

The National Multicultural Business Conference 2005 is the premier diversity event for businesses of any size and will be held this year from Wednesday, March 30th through Friday, April 1st at Foxwoods Resort Casino on 39 Norwich Westerly Road in MashantucketCT. DiversityBusiness.com hosts this annual event that is celebrating its fifth year.  Last year’s event brought together a diverse crowd of750+ from all over the United States The purpose of the conference is to network, to learn from one another, to exchange innovative ideas regarding diversity, new approaches and strategies and learning how to communicate with multicultural markets in the United States.  It’s about networking and its thought provoking

Event Coordinator, Ramesh Solomon, Chief Technology Officer states, “We’re looking forward to another dynamic, successful year.  The U.S. is so vast, and business moves so fast, that were it not for events such as this one, the key underpinning of lasting, rewarding business relationships then face-to-face contact would slowly fade into the background.  Each year we see new faces and they bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, strategies and of course new technologies and processes. This is the value core of our conference-facilitating valuable knowledge and networking to our attendees.”


And this conference delivers what it says.  They report that one of our last year attendees won an $8M contract from OfficeMax via meeting a key contact at the conference. The company will be sharing the success story on stage at this year’s celebration.


Over 10% of the companies that participate are South Asian companies.  And this year they are estimating more than 1,000 companies.

The first day of the conference will feature Ms. Chin-Ning Chu. Her topic is about diversity as champion for corporate and personal success. She is a descendant of the pauper who became the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.  Today, Chin-Ning is the foremost speaker on the practical application of Sun Tzu's Art of War and a promoter of strategic thinking as the core competency among leaders of government and corporations worldwide. She collaborated with Discovery Television and the U.S. Library of Congress on the production of their Great Books Series: Sun Tzu's Art of War.  Chin-Ning is a number one best-selling author throughout Asiaand Australia where her books have out-sold Hillary Clinton and Tony Robbins.  She is the president of the Strategic Learning Institute, president of Asian Marketing Consultants, Inc. and chairperson of Neuroscience Industries, Inc. Coming to hear her speak is worth the admission of this conference alone!

Prices range from $395 for a small business to $495 for an organization or corporation.  For more information on the conference, visit their website at www.diversitybusiness.com