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The Discovery of Candle Therapy

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:05 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:06 AM ]

By Diana Rohini La Vigne

What makes you mad? The potholes on Commonwealth Avenue? Your drama queen friend’s latest episode? Sensitive car alarms? Vending machines that reject your dollar? Everything??  You may need therapy.  A psychotherapist will listen to your issues as you go broke trying to afford their services.  Will you be calm and less heated once you realize that you have run out of money? Doubtful! There is a better way. Candle Therapy, the newest, hottest trend to hit town.

There are many other ways to combat difficult times, so why Candle Therapy?  You could try medication which just may put you into the comatose category for a day or two.   How about some ancient chanting to sooth you?  Of course, your neighbors are fairly likely to call the police on you.  There is a better way.

Candle Therapy is the art of lighting a candle, feeling the flame, and sitting back to enjoy a private moment.  The flame will seduce you wit the steady light and shadows it casts over the room. Candles are visually stimulating and are ever so changing to capture and maintain your interest for hours. All you need is a hip and trendy pack of matches and a candle to be on your personal road to recovery!

As a candle connoisseur, I realize that the selection of the ultimate candle is the key to success in this journey.  Considerations such as burning lengths, sizes, and candleholder selection are extremely important for the full Candle Therapy experience.

Other considerations such as shape, color, and fragrance may also help you find the ‘perfect’ candle.  The Pottery Barn on Newbury Street offers and international touch with square aroma candles made with various French fragrances from Herbella to Ylang Ylang.  If modern image décor is not your style, try their Botanical candle. Each design sports a Victorian theme with dried flowers, fruits, and leaves formed into the candle wax itself.  The candle comes with a warning label stating ‘Not For Internal Consumption’. These candles were not built for consumption.   Botanical candles come in only large sizes, which average 7” wide and can burn up to 90 hours.  Talk about a choking hazard!

To take the Candle Therapy experience al the way, Bostonian Fritz Westman has the answer.  Candle design extraordinaire, Fritz creates wax candle sculptures.  His masterpieces come in a variety of shapes and colors and have an undertone theme of sexuality.  This Museum of Fine Arts graduate uses his life experiences to help develop the image for each mold.  A mold is made into a plaster piece, and then into a rubber mold and finally on to mass production of the final wax sculptured candles.  It is no wonder that Fritz has gone through the effort to copy protect his works!  Fritz has formed the traditional concept of sculpting figurines into a new era by the use of a non-traditional material- Wax.  A recent exhibit of his consisted of wax cast hands. Each piece formed a letter in sign language.  The complete message of the exhibit was Silence Equals Death.  Each finger was lit to honor someone affected by AIDS.  Fritz also recalls one touching individual diagnosed with AIDS and given only one month to live.  The man burned one of the sculptures daily during the month as a timeline of his final days in this world.  Fritz Westman’s wax wonders are not only beautiful and sexy but also thought provoking.  They are a must for all intellects, philosophers, and candle curious individuals.  The artist can be reached at his Beacon Hill studio by calling 617-742-7864.

All these candles can assist you in achieving that finer state of mind.  Candle Therapy is innovative, easy to achieve, affordable and best of all… Stimulates your mind! Get burning!