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South Asian Turf War Film

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:19 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:20 AM ]

By Diana Rohini La Vigne


No Menus Please, a 15-minute short film, is a dramatic comedy about two immigrants, Ming from China and Carlos from Mexico, and how they compete to distribute the largest number of restaurant delivery menus door-to-door in a particular neighborhood.  The film takes a humorous angle but provides plenty of real life situations and solutions.


Raised in Malaysia, Richard Chang, who plays the lead Ming, is a very accomplished actor with credits such as his principle roles in the Oscar winning documentary, Windhorse, Return to Paradise with Anne Heche, Old School S.I. with Danny Aiello and Chasing America where he plays a diabolical mob boss.  This South Asian superstar isn’t just an actor but also a dancer from classical ballet to traditional Asian dance with Janaki Patrik's Kathak Dance Ensemble.  Having such a talented person in the cast promises that No Menus Please will delight audiences.


“The character of an immigrant food delivery guy is universal and very recognizable in New York.” Adds Chang, “My job was to be as real as possible, and to be someone the audience can relate with.”


The Bangladesh born Producer of No Menus Please, Marcia Mohiuddin explains that the pre-production of this film took a significant amount of time in order to search for the right cast with a focus on the character of Ming.


Marcia states,” This film has a playful energy and sparse dialogue which showcases the dynamic non-verbal communication between Ming, the Chinese delivery guy and Carlos, The Mexican delivery guy.  This film will appeal to a wide audience and especially to those who appreciate subtle and nuance acting.”


When you meet this dashing Indian woman, you will notice Marcia sparkles when she smiles, laughs without reservation and yet can get serious when required.  Although relatively young in age, her ability to grasp complex ideas, remain realistic in times of crisis, and always remain open to new ideas and solutions make her mature beyond her years.


“Working with the right producer was equally important.  Maintaining a similar perspective and energy was paramount. Marcia's cultural background brought forth intensity and understanding that an Americanized producer may not have been able to grasp,” Comments Eddie Shieh, Writer and Director for No Menus Please. “I'm very honored and thankful to have worked along side Marcia and Richard”.


With the film’s topical subject matter, an impeccable cast and crew and a top notch screenplay, this film has the winning combination for heavy acclaim. No Menus Please will be completed in the next five months and released to film festivals nation wide shortly after.  Don’t miss this South Asian themed film!