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Q-Optical Eyewear Give Clients a Great New Look

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:22 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:23 AM ]

By Diana  Rohini La Vigne

Eye Opener

Eyewear as a necessity or as an accessory, either way Q-Optical has your solution.   From everyday wear to Edgy bold new looks, eyewear has changed a lot over the past decade but trends are cyclical.  From Jackie O’s heavy frames of the 60’s and the glitz and glamour glasses of the 70’s, glasses of the past are making a huge come back!  Looking at eyewear on Newbury Street is an adventure with Q-Optical.

Be The Apple Of Somebody's Eye

Q-Optical has been in the business of making its clients look fabulous in their eyewear since 1993.  According to Q-Optical, the business was founding by Dr. S. Michelle Quintero-Chica and her pet Chihuahua of 10 years, Alex. Alex is even featured on their website at www.qoptical.com.  Although we are tempted to interview the dog, we focused on the wisdom of eye expert, Dr. Quintero-Chica. 

“The current trend in eyewear is at both ends of the spectrum. Large, bold plastic frames and frames that are layered with color are very popular. On the other end, minimalist/rimless frames are also very hot right now. These frames seem "invisible" on the wearer's face.” States Michelle, “Also, all of rimless frames are 
made with polycarbonate, a safety material, lenses to avoid cracks at the stress points and reduce the need for repairs and lens replacement in the future.”

Eyewear isn’t about just fashion anymore. Getting the best vision for the wearer’s needs is a major consideration.  Safety and avoiding unnecessary repairs is becoming more and more important to today’s wearer.

Seeing Eye To Eye

Being part of the Newbury Street fashion scene, Q-Optical, which is located at 287 Newbury Street, (between Gloucester and Hereford), has their finger on the pulse of the fashions scene in Back Bay. 

Doctor Quintero-Chica Offers, “I frequently see Newbury Street strollers with rimless frames in a variety 
of tints and mirrors. The mirrors are full/solid color reflections as well as flash mirrors which reflect different colors off the surface. These "flash" mirrors are dependant on the grade of tint in the lens.”

 What makes these tinted glasses so special?  The lighter the tint, the less reflection. For example if you use a very light blue tinted lens, approximately 15%, with a blue flash mirror, the wearer's vision is not affected by the blue tint, as a sunglass would be.  But for those looking at the wearer, they will see a light blue reflection as the light reflects off the surface of the lens. This helps with showing creativity and individuality for the eyewear while allowing the wearer to go from outdoors to the indoors with ease.  The days of sunglasses strictly for beach bound days are long gone.  


This high-end optical boutique, Q Optical suggests clients to view their eyewear as part of their fashion wardrobe.  Getting the best pair of glasses to wear 24-7 isn’t the objective here. Be hip.  Frames should compliment your outfit, so get several pairs of glasses.  Q-Optical knows their stuff and that is why several local and national celebrities use them when looking for the perfect frames and top quality service in Newbury Street style.

In The Blink Of An Eye

For nearly a decade, Q-Optical has served Newbury Street and its visitors.  Visit them for a consultation or drop in and take a look at their newest collection. Wear your glasses with a renewed sense of dignity. No one will call you ‘four eyes’ again and with a new pair of trend setting rims, you can look like you just danced off the pages of Vogue! To reach Q-Optical, visit them at 287 Newbury StreetBoston or call them at  (617) 424-9292 or visit them online at www.qoptical.com.