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Philly Screenwriter, Sameer Jain Gets Ready for Bollywood

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:04 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:04 AM ]
By Diana Rohini La Vigne
After only a few years of learning the art of screenwriting, Philadelphia resident, Sameer Jain has finally started his journey towards Bollywood. With 4 completed scripts written, he has started the pre-production on one of his films and hopes to generate more interest in his other scripts. The love story script LIDQ (Love in Deccan Queen) is now working with Nimbus Productions and his psychological thriller, Trishna is in discussions with Shyam Shroff of Entertainment One and SaReGaMa.

“I have always loved movies. In India, I watched 4 or 5 movies a week. I would always look at them from an improvement standpoint, thinking how the movie would have been if they made or had written it in a different way. “Notes Jain.

Although his fame has starting to bloom, his path towards screenwriting wasn’t always easy. Sameer recalls his father’s resistance to the idea of becoming a screenwriter. His father questioned the job security and value system of Bollywood.. But through it all, Jain speaks of the unconditional support from his wife even when things weren’t going as planned. Screening writing is a tough job but Sameer has a lot of drive and a strong network to guide him.

Luckily his success happened early on when pitching his work to Indian producers. It is also his dream to write for Hollywood one day, if he could get their attention. His work covers a vast array of genres and he is careful to avoid being labeled as any one particular type of writer. Jain avoids writing anything that is too restrictive in the marketplace. 

”But to me the biggest reward of screenwriting is the creation of a story from an idea. A majority of my scripts are based on one line or word that I heard or read somewhere”, adds Jain,” I guess the reward is when you look at the complete script and realize that you had started with just one word.”.

Feeling it’s important to understand all the aspects of filmmaking, Jain has specifically looked for producers that would allow him to work as an assistant director. He wants to learn every aspect of the industry. 

The industry is a risky field. Sameer Jain took his chances and now he’s on the path to seeing his work on the big screen. Sometimes dreams really do come true.