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Online Shopping: Get Connected to Your Fashions

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:23 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:24 AM ]

y Diana Rohini La Vigne

Winter is here and brings cold weather, a shortage of daylight hours and post holiday woes. Beat your winter doldrums with some online investigation, realization and shopping. With fashion houses using technology to enhance their premiere runway shows, the film industry spending millions on promoting their website address and online fashion publications jumping up - technology will be the key word in 2000 and beyond. What will become of a world moving so swiftly towards cyber technology and away from traditional shopping?Holiday shopping in 1999 was a win-win situation for both cyber-shopping and retail shops on and around Newbury Street. Stores nation-wide reported high holiday sales that exceeded expectations and were enhanced by the on-line shoppers market. Can cyber and traditional shopping coexist? Will one replace the other?

Chris Andrews, Director at Verid Technology, expresses his thoughts on the future of online shopping. "Shopping online is generating a lot of interest. Most major retailers provide on line purchasing capabilities" explains Diekan. "Once trust in the security of online buying is built, there will be no limit to the possible increase in sales over the next calendar year. I predict it will change the way people think about shopping."

In this new world, there is a lot out there for fashion mavens who want access to information. You can still be a slave to fashion in Cyber World. In Cyber World there are no boundaries, no line, and no admission.

Online shopping is tapping into one of the fastest emerging markets, our youth. According to "React" publication, teens are spending twice as much as they did only a decade ago representing $141 billion in sales last year. 56% of those sales were in fashion and entertainment. The World Wide Web is now filled with websites and shopping venues targeting teens.

There are some pitfalls to online shopping that you can avoid. To save you the hassles of sluggish search engines, playing the domain name guessing game and feeling alone in the vastness of the Internet, we bring you the results of our fashion cyber research. With the click of the mouse, you can find anything on the pages of the World Wide Web.

Online Shopping Tips:

When shopping online, there are a few rules, which are generally accepted.

Shop with well known retailers and services or personally recommended ones. Be wary of dealing with any company, which only gives you a post office box number.

Remember to shop around for the best prices and services.

Find out the company’s return and refund policy.

Watch for additional charges such as delivery, packaging, customs duties and VAT. Some of these might be hidden.

Be patient and go slow when purchasing online.

Always double-check your order prior to sending the information.

After completing the online order form and before sending it, print a hard copy for your records, which could prove very useful for order tracking or returns.

Write down any order confirmation numbers generated when submitting orders online, just as you would when ordering offline.

Spotting Scams

It is impossible to give a definitive guide on how to spot a scam, but here are some clues:

Hidden addresses. Beware of traders who try to sell goods or services using an anonymous email address.

"This is not a scam." Don’t fall for this trick - a legitimate business doesn’t need to convince you of its legality.

If you think you are the victim of fraud, contact the Office of Fair Trade immediately.

Myths about online shopping

Myth 1: Shopping online is a far riskier place to shop.

Reality: It is as safe as mail order shopping and will become increasingly more secure as additional security methods are developed and implemented.

Myth 2: It is easier to drive to the store and pick up the item myself.

Reality: It is true that some consumers enjoy touching the fabric first and trying on the item but it is certainly convenient to order with a click of your mouse!

Myth 3: It costs more to shop on the web.

Reality: Actually shopping on the web usually results in savings. With bargain shoppers, wholesale and auction websites, it is hard to beat online pricing.

It remains true to say that nothing beats the delights of a stroll down Newbury Street to soak up the vibrancy of the best the fashion world has to offer but cyber shopping is here to stay so get connected to expand your fashion resources even further!