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Nirav Patel Showcases 3D Printer at Maker Faire

posted Oct 27, 2011, 12:23 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne

By Diana Rohini LaVigne / Special to India-West

(San Mateo, Calif.) May 22, 2011—Sunnyvale resident Nirav Patel’s invention was featured in one of the world’s most prestigious grassroots invention showcases, Maker Faire, this past weekend in San Mateo, Calif.

“I created a way to interface a Microsoft Kinect (system) to a RepRap Mendel 3D printer to quickly capture 3D models of people and print them out as well as to have gestural control (over) the 3D printer,” said Patel to India-West.Creating 3D models is a project that has been done before, but was mostly un-documented and was not released to the public.  I felt the need to create a version of it that was publicly available.”

Patel, who was born in Connecticut with family roots in Gujarat, said he enjoys working on innovative projects and is in the process of developing some virtual reality related projects; but nothing that is public yet. Armed with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon, he enjoys spending time reading science fiction and watching old movies for inspiration.  Patel, a software development engineer at a Bay Area based Fortune 500 Company, attributes his education for developing his interest in working on complex projects.

Maker Faire, having launched in 2006 in San Mateo, attracts top-notch celebrities such as this year’s television royalty, Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe and Myth Busters' Adam Savage. Savage spoke about talk about inspiration and innovation while Rowe, whose own website mikeroweWORKS.com promotes hard work, dropped in for an impromptu chat with makers and fabricators from around the country.  Maker Faire is also very kid-friendly by design with numerous kids’ stations and DIY zones around the faire grounds. Getting kids excited about science and technology and meeting fellow inventors seemed to be the over-reaching initiative of this two-day showcase.

For contact information of Nirav Patel and some of his older inventions, please see his website at http://eclecti.cc. For Maker Faire information, visit www.makerfaire.com