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Lachman Brings Headquarters To NYC

posted Oct 23, 2010, 1:54 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 1:54 AM ]
Top Executive and Creative Powerhouse, Lachman, Brings His Headquarters To New York City

By Diana Rohini La Vigne

 Neal. S. Lachman, Editor-in-Chief of Jeevan Saathi Magazine (JSmag.com) and President & Chief Executive Officer of Lachman Brothers Digital Communications (LBDC), is someone to watch! 

Currently, Lachman is transitioning his communications world headquarters to New York City in the September timeframe, which will create new jobs, generate taxable income for the area and provide ultra-high-speed Internet connections at lower rates to residents.

“We are moving our communications LBCD's headquarters to NYC, because it is simply the largest market and then we'll have our largest footprint in terms of our communications infrastructures. We have to tap the skilled workers market for more than 300 local employees from IT specialists, technologists, engineers and savvy sales people. NYC is thus the best choice in terms of location and human capital,” explains Lachman.

One of his newest ventures is building the world's largest privately owned tourist destination. Being developed in Texas, the Grand Americana Resort Estate (GARE) claims to be the largest-ever and most luxurious Real Estate project in the history of the United States of America. Grand Americana is a "theme" destination, which will be developed on a several thousand acres property on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Standing 2,598 feet tall, it will become the World's Tallest Building. The building will sport a full scale Taj Mahal replica, more than 300 attractions, Four 18-hole Golf Courses, and a Zoo. The two hotel skyscrapers will be built in a five-petal flower design and seems to almost reflect the beauty of the nature surrounding it.

Born in Suriname, South America which is edged between Brazil and Guyana, Lachman is a man of the world. Currently living in Vancouver, Canada, a citizen of Netherlands and a frequent visitor to India, Europe and the United States, he speaks six languages and is dedicated to donating towards social causes worldwide in health, education and the medical areas.

Lachman notes, “…when one creates wealth there is also a moral commitment and ethical responsibility to give back. I respect and applaud Bill Gates for his efforts. He is a demi-God, not because of his wealth, but because of his contribution to fight poverty, illiteracy and sickness.”

As part of his role in the community, he started JSmag.com which is focused on instilling pride in Indians and their heritage. 

“I hate the fact that we feel embarrassed when we say that we are Indian or that we are Hindus or Muslims with an Indian background. I am just trying what many other Indians are trying to do. I hope we can do it with some form of infotainment online.” Adds Lachman.

Lachman is a serial creator and producer and is sure to bring many wonderful things to America and beyond the borders too.

For more information on Great Americana project or Mr. Lachman, visit their official website at
www.grandamericana.com . For information on the magazine, please visit www.jsmag.com