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Kazmi Brings Water To The World

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:24 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:25 AM ]
Shabbir Kazmi Brings Water To The World Through Design


By Diana Rohini La Vigne


Architectural Design extraordinaire, Shabbir Kazmi of Kazmi Designs, Inc. is making his mark in New JerseyNew York and even Maryland with his home and restaurant work.  Being in the biz for the past ten years, this Pakistani born talent came from a family of actors and directors and has made the effort to prove his talents run beyond the world of theater and movies.  In 1984, his family moved to WashingtonDC and he was enrolled in a Catholic University in an Architectural program.


“I went to a class for Architecture design out of curiosity and looking for answers. I was very inspired; the teacher was talking about how buildings can be a reflection of creativity in poetry and theater. He talked about memory of a place in real time and infinite time. He also talked about Architect's vision can go beyond our five senses and further more to the spirits of people across continents and cultures. I registered myself in the curriculum and graduated fromCatholic University in 1994.” Expresses Mr. Kazmi.


And probably the most interesting part about his work is something he calls Project Lifeline. This project is to provide clean water as the source of a sustainable community.  Project Lifeline helps rebuild communities that are suffering from an inadequate supply of water and poor sanitation caused by war, poverty and natural disaster.  The designs uniquely provide clean water tailored to the needs of the specific village or community thereby empowering long-range planning, healthier life, gray-water irrigation and neighborhood development.  The website is a fascinating array of graphics and a short film that helps individuals understand how he plans to achieve this aggressive and important task. He is a leader in innovative thought and puts his work behind his ideas.


New Yorker Shabbir explains, “I am dedicated to my non-profit organization Project Life Line to provide clean water and medical care to communities around the world suffering due to war, poverty and natural disasters. What dedicates me to the project is the fact that 6000 people die every day mostly children under five years of age due to inadequate supply of clean water and poor sanitation (UN Habitat). Our project and design uniquely provides clean water, medical care and neighborhood planning made out of a shipping container that is easily transportable to any part of the world. We also have made a computer animated short film on the project that is an art piece itself which explains the project.”


If you want to help Project Life Line, please help spread the word about their non-profit organization by contacting them to help with their fundraising activities or promotional events. Project Life Line is a mission worthy of our reader’s attention and a great way for each person to do his or her part to help preserve the earth’s natural resources. To learn more about Shabbir Kazmi, Kazmi Designs or Project Life Line, visit their website at www.project-lifeline.org.