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Kaneesha Designer Explodes into the US Market

posted Oct 23, 2010, 1:58 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 1:59 AM ]

Gujrati Born Designer Explodes into the US Market with an Online Boutique

By Diana Rohini La Vigne

As I ring the doorbell of designer and shop owner of Kaneesha’s home in Edison, NJ, I look through the semi frosted door to watch this accomplished woman walk towards the door. I quickly determine the youthful lady coming to the door isn’t the designer, Nehal Amin with over 18 years of experience. After our introductions, it takes me a minute to comprehend the fact it is Nehal Amin and she is both youthful and experienced. 

Her home office has furnishings that are a mix of contemporary Indian and American Colonial décor with symbols of Indian mystic like an intricate hand crafted Ganesha. The house is impeccably clean with its glass table tops and inviting bowl of Lindt chocolates in the center. I resist the temptation to taste and rather find pleasure in just the feeling of warmth her home offers. I start the interview by inquiring about her inspiration in the design and fashion world. “Colors. Colors are my inspiration and have always been an important part of my design work.” States this green eyed elegant woman. “I like bright colors. The brighter the better but not everyone is used to it so we offer a wide variety of color in our collections.”

Nehal Amin and her sister, Sejal Amin started working on this online designer collection approximately 3 years ago and have never looked back. They started with only a handful of clients and now can boast over 5,000 clients worldwide. “Canada, United Kingdom and United States are where our top sales occur. America is the top of market for our products. And about 60% of our business is Asian customers and the remaining 40% are non-Asians.” Adds Amin.

With such success, you would think Kaneesha achieves this by heavily advertising or with the financial backing by a major funding source. It isn’t the case here. This creation is built by Nehal and her sister and has experienced tremendous growth with very little advertisement. Most of their business is repeat clients and word of mouth which is evidence that their clients are continuing to buy and refer Kaneesha to their friends. They are hoping the quality of Kaneesha's products, great customer service and word of mouth will help them sore to their next company initiative of obtaining 50,000 customers and the ability to grow into new markets.

They are already starting to grow into different markets today with the launch of a men’s wear collection and an upcoming children’s wear collection too. Kaneesha gets requests from their clients about their needs and this company listens to their client. It offers small products too like jewelry, hair accessories, purses and bindis too. With 4 new collections per year with each collection presenting 70-80 new designs, Kaneesha is a very tough act to follow. Their warehouse and production is done out of their Mumbai offices under Nehal’s sister’s guidance and Nehal handles all the United States operations in addition to generating new design ideas.

Originally from Gujrati, Nehal says there are big differences between US and Indian markets. The Indian market wants more cotton and cooler clothing. The US market looks for Wash and Wear and party/fancy attire. Also, Americans have very different sizing than Asians so Nehal helps to bridge that gap between client and tailor. Understanding the measurements is crucial to the final fit of the garment and the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

These amazing Kaneesha designs have taken home the best fashion designer award in 1992-1994 which is sponsored by the Garment Manufactures Association of Gujarat. And Kaneesha ha studio locations and franchisse locations in Ahmedabad, India, Dallas TX and Saudi Arabia and is looking to expand with time. If you want to learn more about Ms. Amin or Kaneesha, please visit them online at 
www.kaneesha.com and www.kaneeshajewelry.com or call them during their office hours (9am-10pm_ at 1-908-405-8086.