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Kailash Kher and Band Perform to Sold-out Crowd

posted Jul 7, 2012, 6:25 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne
By Diana Rohini LaVigne

(Hayward, Calif.) - Singer Kailash Kher performed to a sold-out crowd at Chabot College here April 28, along with his seven-person band Kailasa, presented by AAA Entertainment and Jai Entertainment in conjunction with the artist’s promotional tour for his new album, “Rangeele.”

As Kher took to the stage, it took less than one minute to win over the crowd with his soul-moving voice, beautiful lyrics and musical sensibilities. He connected with his audience in a meaningful way and even asked the lighting crew to turn on the house lights in between songs so he could see the faces of the people in the crowd. During one song, he invited ten young women onto the stage to dance to the music, and during another, he wanted everyone in the audience to sing along with him. Finally, during the last song, he asked everyone to stand up and move to the music, to which everyone happily obliged.

Kher’s performance was a mix from his older Bollywood body of work and his newly released CD. Two amazing songs from the new Rangeele CD were “Tu Kya Jaane” and the title track, “Rangeele.” Both were upbeat and very well received, but the older songs like “Tauba Tauba,” “Allah Ke Bande” and “Teri Deewani” really resonated with the packed house at an even deeper level. This was evident by some chanting “we love you” to the artist and his band and plenty of whistling and hooting. 

Kher marks a turning of the tides of sorts for Indian American audiences in recent years, from the obsession for just Bollywood-style concerts complete with film star appearances, dancers and ornate stage and lighting arrangements, to more traditional band concerts without such of bells and whistles. This talented artist, who performed with minimal lighting and a basic décor of a projection of spinning shapes behind the band, noted this change during the concert and briefly reflected on the changing desires of audiences globally. It was clear that people were here for his music and not the typical Bollywood-style show. 

Kher’s music was contagious and as was the rambunctious dancing in the auditorium. It was a concert that got people dancing and singing and brought together the Indian American community to share in Kher’s musical exchange. It’s no wonder so many are already talking about his next Bay Area visit. For more information on Kher and the new CD, visit http://www.kailashkher.com/.