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Indo-American Chamber of Commerce Honors Four Indo-Americans

posted Oct 27, 2011, 1:28 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne

By Diana Rohini LaVigne / Special to India-West

(Palo Alto, Calif.)—The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (ICC) held its 14th annual awards banquet this past Saturday at Palo Alto’s Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel to honor four Indo-Americans. Over 300 attendees joined the ICC leadership for an evening of authentic Indian cuisine by India Gate restaurant, a Bhangra dance performance, and a keynote speech by Clearstone Venture Director, Vish Mishra.

Mishra humbly took the stage, noting the company he was keeping that evening was notable and kept him wondering if he was at par with other special guests and speakers.  But his words about the Indian-American community didn’t fail to grab the attention of guests and commanded laughter off and on throughout the talk.  He reminded people how successful the community continued to be and noted that the 2.5 million Indian-Americans had both the highest income and the highest level of education compared to any other ethnic group in America. 

“We have kids that are smart, but not just in math and science. But also in art and music and more,” noted Mishra. Other community traits he mentioned included that the community tended to avoid sports where they can get really hurt; that if hurt, community members baby their selves excessively; they don’t bother others except for their very own families and friends; and that the community doesn’t depend on government handouts.

His professional advice was to find a role model and become a ‘student’ of that person. Figure out how to be like that person. Before ending the keynote speech, Mishra said, “ (If you want to build a good relationship with someone), you should offer them something of value and not ask for anything in return. You will do well if you do this.  Build the relationship first and be genuine in your offer and this approach to be successful.”

Banquet special guests included ICC President, Kishore Kripalani; Deputy Consul General, Kumar Tuhin; Palo Alto Mayor, Patrick Burt; and Los Altos Hills Mayor, Dean Warshawsky. Past president and banquet chair, Sucheta Kapuria handled much of the speaking and introductions.

Awards presented included:

Bipin Shah for Outstanding Community Service

Professor Thomas Kailath for Outstanding Professional Achievement

Shalini Saxena for Outstanding Contribution to Arts and Humanities

Late Krishan Kumar Batra, Ph. D. for Lifetime Achievement

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce closed the evening with music provided by DJ Sargam Sangeet. For more information on ICC, visit their website at www.iccchamber.org