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Importance of Volunteerism: Subedar

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:14 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:15 AM ]

NYC Based Natasha Subedar Stresses the Importance of Volunteerism


By Diana Rohini La Vigne


Bombay born, Natasha Subedar has an extensive background in volunteerism.  Now the corporate world is reaping the rewards of this talented young lady but she is still stressing the importance to everyone to stay involved in volunteering throughout one’s life.


“Although everyone gets caught up in their personal life, I think it’s important to always give something back in the community.  I volunteer for events as frequently as I can and try to get others involved too.  It’s personal rewarding and helps those most in need.  Along the way, you can learn new things, meet wonderful people and have some fun too!” notes Ms. Subedar.


Being involved in over 100 charitable events in the past decade, she was a key component to the internationally recognized Boston Globe Jazz and Blues Festival.  At the time she worked for The Newbury Street League, she was responsible for handling a one day-long event which attracted over 80,000 attendees and spanned the entire 1 mile length of Newbury Street.  But Natasha didn’t start volunteering with music, but rather within fashion.  

Coming from the ranks of volunteering for Fashion Week Boston, she quickly moved into co-producing one of the world’s longest fashion shows, Fashion Walk.
  The show featured new designers along side major fashion powerhouses like Versace, Nike, Armani and The Gap.  The community was treated to a top-notch fashion show which is live and complimentary.


Subedar adds, “These shows inspire and motivate people to be creative and dare to dream. Events aren’t free to run and it relies on volunteerism in order to continue running these programs free of charge. It’s up to the volunteer to keep this happening!”


Natasha currently works for The Institute for Management and Administration as their Corporate Event Director.  Her hope is to one day work in investor relations and wants to use her skills towards project management   Regardless of her career path, she isn’t thinking about giving up her volunteering anytime soon.  Not long ago, she did a project for Habitat for Humanity.  And now with limited amount of time to volunteer, she still manages to support non-profit activities by attending events.   Having recently attended, a Soiree Tsunami Fundraiser, raising funds for UNICEF and Islamic Relief, she is able to replace her lack of time with something positive for her community.

Natasha explains, “If you just don’t have the time to volunteer, at least support charities by attending a fundraiser or sending a donation, even if it’s a small donation.  If everyone sends just a small donation to a cause, it will make a big difference.”



With a mother working in social support for a challenged teen program, a sister and brother-in-law who are doctors and a father who was a marketing executive within pharmaceutical industryNatasha Subedar was brought up with a perfect combination of social awareness and dedication to her initiatives that have become the very thread of her own volunteering self.