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Fundraiser Held in Fremont for Congressman Honda

posted Jul 7, 2012, 6:22 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Jul 7, 2012, 6:25 PM ]
By Diana Rohini LaVigne

(Fremont, Calif.) - Indo-American Community Foundation founder Jeevan Zutshi and his wife Usha opened their home here Feb. 5 to bring together key community leaders to support Congressman Michael Honda with his campaign. 

Zutshi, who has held dozens of receptions and fundraisers for many members of Congress and Senate in the past, felt strongly about supporting Honda not only because of his platform but also because of his reputation as an ethical representative. 
Honda for a decade has represented the 15th Congressional District of California, which includes a major chunk of Silicon Valley and will soon include parts of the East Bay due to redistricting. 
About 60 people attended the event — hosted by several Indian Americans — including Fremont Vice-Mayor Anu Natarajan, Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, and other local officials.
After a short speech, Honda fielded questions about the death penalty, education equity and his professional history. During dinner, the attendees were able to speak with the congressman about particular issues in their districts.
Darshan Raunayar, a Nepalese American from Washington state who flew in from Seattle to meet the congressman and solicit support for his own candidacy for Congress (I-W, Jan. 27), spoke briefly about his platform to improve his district.