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Finalists Announced for Street Smarts Video Competition

posted Oct 27, 2011, 12:27 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne

By Diana Rohini LaVigne / Special to India-West


On Sunday, guests and students producers were treated to a private reception at the Danville Village Theatre to acknowledge their work on a bicycle safety film. The Annual Street Smarts "Be Reel!" Video Contest encourages middle school students from throughout the San Ramon Valley to create 60-second public service announcement videos about traffic safety.  Ten videos were selected as finalists.

Finalists included: The Evil Rash Bikers produced and directed by Nitisha Baronia, Manasa Gujju, and Parushi Sharma, The Dream Bike produced and directed by Anvinash Jois, and Bicycle Distractions produced and directed by Liya Khan, Alexandra Yamada, Yumma Azizuddin and Madison Henry. Student director and producer, Danielle Morelan of Danville accepted the winning prize for the video Bicycle Safety: Dangerous Distractions.

The talented students used both humor and ‘scared straight’ techniques to convey that distractions while bike riding can be very dangerous. While some students were assigned to make the video via their school teachers, others spoke about their interest in film making or doing something creative.

Street Smarts was created in 2004 following the tragic deaths of three San Ramon Valley children in two separate traffic-related accidents. The San Ramon Valley community came together to create the Street Smarts program to educate the public about traffic safety.

In its first year, the Street Smarts Program launched efforts targeted to the elementary school population through a Poster Contest. The program expanded in 2005 to reach middle school students and in 2007, high school students. This video competition started in 2006. The mission of Street Smarts is to get citizens thinking about and working on traffic safety issues.  For more information on Street Smarts or their competition, please visit them online at www.street-smarts.com.