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Artist, Athlete, Professional, Activist: Ghosh

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:04 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:05 AM ]
Artist, Athlete, Professional, Activist: One Man and Many Personas

By Diana Rohini La Vigne
New York Born and DC based Abhijit Ghosh strike most as your regular East Coast Desi guy. His warm smile, easy talkative manners and casual style may throw you off at first glance. But it’s not long before you’ll see the other side. The intensity in his words, the passion for success and his full blown involvement in arts and health, Ghosh is a hard-core driven individual.

As an artist, Ghosh has spent years perfecting his skills in theater and journalism from starting an organization called the South Asian Theater Group to writing a play, Pind's Retreat which was Produced at a South Asian Festival in Washington D.C to being the Co-Managing Editor for the Darpan Literary Magazine and he’s even Co-Directed a play Tales from an Indian. In any given week, you can find him hosting a group of writers, working on an upcoming theater production or around town networking with other artists. He fits naturally into the artist scene. 

“I’m always keen on collaboration and developing a synergy of energy and insight. Through my work in both theater and health, I would like to believe that I’m blessed with meeting people who share my love in approaching problems with an interdisciplinary approach across research, liberal arts, and advocacy organizations.”, Explains Ghosh, “One needs to rely on professionals across disciplines to gain the trust of the community, develop outreach strategies and make a change in behavior.”

What makes this artist so special is his cross-discipline approach. Armed with an MPH in Environmental/Occupational Health from the New Jersey School of Public Health, Abhijit works as a contractor for the federal government in women's health. He has applied his business know how to his artistic and non-profit arenas. Ghosh believes there’s a strong connection between all the various disciplines.

Abhijit believes,” Arts in general provide an avenue for expression and a tool for health professionals to reach out to communities. In my past plays which have looked at topics like interfaith dating, AIDS in a South Asian family and domestic violence have provided a non-threatening forum where people can experience how others respond to challenges.” 

This 31-year old Jersey raised professional, attributes some of his success to the teachings of his parents. Between his mother’s understanding of human interaction and his father’s persistence to put 100% of your effort into anything you choose to do, Abhijit has accomplished so much and is still determined to reach further. He’s not slowing down, he’s just getting started!

“People in different circles see me in different ways. Some people see me as a runner who has run four marathons. Other people see me as writer who enjoys theater. And others see me as an activist…”notes Ghosh, “.Now my challenge is to bring these circles together in an interdisciplinary approach so I can continue to foster an exchange of information and knowledge.”

Abhijit Ghosh is a man on a mission and someone that the Indian community can be proud to call their very own!