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3 Faces in 3 Days: Boston's Fashion Weekend

posted Oct 23, 2010, 2:21 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 2:22 AM ]

By Diana  Rohini La Vigne


A funky cool hairstyle, hot new styles and shapes, and a carefree attitude give Nigel Ramsey a potion for the truly unique. As a fashion designer, he has caught the eye of professionals, students and the fashion savvy as he sets a fast pace for the Boston market. Not new to fashion, Ramsey discovered the industry in his senior year of high school when he did a show for the graduating class. He had total control of the planning for the fashion show. It felt right and he was hooked. "It gave me a natural high and so I have continued over the years doing fashion shows, many for charitable causes", Ramsey explains.

Even before becoming involved in fashion, Nigel recalls watching his grandmother hand sew dolls’ dresses from scratch. It wasn’t until he moved from Jamaica to the United Statesthat he started taking sewing classes. Having been exposed to a strong, influential sewing teacher, the effort to become an accomplished sewing student seemed less daunting. "I want to learn everything about the fashion industry and maybe one day be recognized for my work and contributions to the community", Nigel says with a shy smile. "It wouldn’t bother me, if in the meantime, I became famous and a millionaire too. “If anyone can be the next "world-renowned" designer, Nigel Ramsey has that opportunity! Don’t miss his styles during Boston Fashion Weekend!


Diplomacy, a heart for the needy, and creative power makes Anne Marie La Fauci a diamond in the rough. This clothing designer talks about always having a strong love for art and fashion. "I loved to draw and create new styles, which was a hobby for me", Anne Marie says, "I decided to learn to sew after high school by taking courses in sewing and pattern making".

Anne Marie went to the well-known school, Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy, to study the fashion industry, including design and marketing. Upon her return from Milan, she felt more confident in designing and began working in her spare time. Fashion goes hand in hand with charity for Anne Marie. As Executive Director of the KnockOut Foundation, she develops and implements specials events, promotions and fundraisers to help raise awareness for disabled and underprivileged children. She works directly with the spokesperson and co-founder of the organization, Richie "The Mountain" LaMontagne, who has many screen and fashion credits to his name. Mr. LaMontagne is, however, best known for his outstanding athletic abilities in the boxing ring, which include winning several national championship belts.

Hoping one day to open a boutique in Boston and successfully "Knocking Off" diseases, disorders and disabilities affecting children, Anne Marie will host the kick off event for Fashion Weekend.

MARIE GALVIN: The Innovator

A raven haired beauty, with a flare for the outrageous and drive that burns from within, Marie Galvin brings new twists, turns, trends and looks to the world of fashion. Her craft as milliner is fueled by her intense use of color, unusual fabrics and accessories.

During her childhood, spent in Ireland, her beloved grandmother introduced her to restyling vintage and modern clothing. As a child, Marie’s clothing was handmade by her grandmother, which created a desire for "one of a kind" outfits. Needing a different environment to develop her creations, Ms. Galvin soon found herself on Newbury Streetstudying pattern drafting at the School of Fashion Design. "I began my love affair with creating ‘one of a kind’ accessories. I taught myself to sew by trial and error methods and I started honing in on my craft as milliner."

Within the decade, Marie is looking to become an established, internationally known couture milliner. In the meantime, you can catch Marie Galvin at her Boston Fashion Weekend extravaganza at the Boston Public Library.