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Vivah - Design a Perfect Hindu Wedding

posted Oct 23, 2010, 12:00 AM by Diana Rohini LaVigne
Title: Vivah - Design a Perfect Hindu Wedding 
Author: Meenal Atul Pandya
Reviewed By:Diana Rohini LaVigne

 A Must Have Book For Every Hindu Bride To Be!
Vivah: Design a Perfect Hindu Wedding, written by Meenal Atul Pandya, is a primer for anyone involved in a Hindu wedding. It looks to bridge the gap between traditional ceremonies thousands of years old with modern traditions. Vivah is a step by step walk through of all the elements of a Hindu wedding from philosophy to finding local resources. The author uses vivid photos so readers can visualize their perfect Hindu ceremony.
Vivah covers rituals and ceremonies in detail and offers readers a better understanding of the process. These general guidelines are explorer in further detail by a section dedicated to regional customs and rituals. From Tamil to Punjab weddings, this helps readers understand the special regional touches that they might want to add. Following the extensive cultural customs are explained, it takes an organized approach to planning the ceremony complete with a planning timeline. Finally, the book ends with a resource list that has many local contacts to help the reader design the perfect Hindu wedding with ease!Author, Meenal Atul Pandya has written three books, hundreds of articles, and several poems. Her writings have appeared in many prestigious magazines and newspapers around the globe. Currently, she works as a consultant.This is a highly readable book with something for everyone involved in planning, attending or hosting a Hindu wedding. It is suitable as a gift, a coffee table book, a primer to learn about Hindu ceremonies and a resource list for those planning the ceremony. The graphic design and photos make this book a visual treat while the information makes Vivah invaluable.Vivah starts out with helpful segments entitled "Before We Begin". It starts with easy reading and works on building a starting point for envisioning the perfect day. Each chapter talks about the ceremony and what it takes to have a beautiful ceremony but never forgets to add spiritual and inspirational words and comments to remind the reader that marriage isn't just a ceremony but a sacrament.Readers are treated to short quick tips throughout that provide small bits of information that might be lost in a page of text. The tips are featured from front to back cover and offer the key to make any Hindu ceremony a success. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants a deep understanding of a Hindu Wedding Ceremony and how to translate old traditions into modern day. Personally, I am preparing for my Hindu wedding later this year and I know I will be referencing Vivah: Design a Perfect Hindu Wedding often. This is one book that every Hindu bride should own!