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The Way of the Belly

posted Oct 22, 2010, 11:55 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne
Title: The Way of the Belly
By: Neena & Veena
Review: By Diana Rohini LaVigne, Indian Life & Style Magazine (

Visually pleasing, packed with helpful information and fun to read, The Way of the Belly is a grand exploration into the world of beauty, health and happiness.  This 173-page reader is a treasure cove for those interested in being inspired by two of the nation’s leading dancers and sensual gurus, Neena & Veena.  As identical twins, they are a force times two in every way.  Their styles are similar but offer a slightly different point of view.
The book is one of the best bargains available at only $24.95.  Bursting with recipes that make your mouth water, easy to read side bars with tips of the trade and classy visuals that show you what the text explains in detail, it’s hard to beat the value.  Additionally, The Way of the Belly offers a free instructional Belly Dance DVD with the book! It’s obvious the Belly Twins are more interested in educating others about the dance than counting their dollars made by their books’ sales.   The Way of the Belly and the Belly Twins are a breath of fresh air in the industry of dance and fitness.  I strongly recommend this to brides looking for fun fitness to slim out before their weddings, wives looking to spice up their romantic side, anyone interested in fitness and mostly to those who seek creative ways to health and happiness.  These fitness leaders are heading for almost guaranteed global stardom.