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Psychology of the Hero Soul

posted Oct 22, 2010, 11:59 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne
TITLE: Psychology of the Hero Soul 
Author: Sharif Khan
Book Review By Diana Rohini LaVigne

 A Wonderfully Inspirational Book!
Sharif Khan is President and founder of Diamond Mind Enterprises, an organization devoted to transforming coal minds into diamond minds through the applied pressure of higher knowledge, wellness education, and leadership training. Sharif has dedicated over ten years of research in the field of human potential development and studying great leaders. He is a very dynamic, highly engaging, and much sought after public speaker who lectures about topics on what makes great leaders, the winning qualities of leadership, success, and what makes a hero, to a wide range of audiences from university students to associations to the corporate world. The author now also serves as a book consultant specializing in helping people successfully produce, sell, and market their information products. After finishing his Bachelors in Psychology at York University, he went on to successfully manage and operate a Bestsellers Franchise for over five years selling, marketing, and promoting. Many names of a hero come to mind from history to pop culture. This book captures the essence of the universal `hero soul'. By combining the wisdom of over 10 years of research the making of great leaders along with studies in psychology, human potential, philosophy, mythology, the arts, and comparative religions, Sharif Khan has revealed the inner makings of heroes around the globe. 

This book is for anyone who wants to embark on the hero's journey: a remarkable adventure that will inspire you to awaken and illuminate the hero soul within, rekindling your passion for greatness. This book is also for political, business, and religious leaders who wish to promote heroes in the workplace and everyday life. Finally, this book serves as an ideal foundation for writers, playwrights, screen writers, actors, creative directors, marketing executives, producers, and anyone who needs to develop a heroic figure, brand, or protagonist in their creative work.
Khan's method is to connect readers with historical and well known hero figures. He examines their journey to success and builds an understanding about their role in society and their role as a hero. He discusses the elements that make a hero. The book is written for a complete look at the hero from outside to understand the hero within. His wealth of knowledge in so many areas allows readers from all walks of life to see a little of themselves in the author. Khan makes it clear that this book is about seeing the vision of a hero and emulating it yourself. 

Figures in the book span all time periods, all walks of life and people that span the globe. It's global prospective is important to its appeal in building not only today's heros but future heros.Being an enjoyable and easily readable book, it is suitable for people from university aged to senior. People with an interest in finding a higher ethical living standard or role model to inspire should make this book a top priority read.Each chapter is written independently and although enjoyed read as entire book, it is set up in a format to be read by chapter out of sequence all at once or over a long period of time. Each chapter delivers a different angle to the same theme. In the end, Khan book allows readers to really acknowledge the heros of our time and times past. It also helps us to be a hero and inspire other prospective heros too.
This is a highly recommended book for helping to achieve that higher sense of self. And with a portion of the book's proceeds going towards the non-profit organization, Artists Against Racism, you can't go wrong purchasing this book.