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Planet India

posted Oct 22, 2010, 11:48 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne
How the Fastest Growing Democracy Is Transforming America

Title: Planet India; How the Fastest Growing Democracy Is Transforming America and the World
By Mira Kamdar
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Category: Politics/ Current Events
Pages: 336 
ISBN: 0743296850
Review By: Diana Rohini LaVigne, Indian Life & Style Magazine

Award-winning writer Mira Kamdar has done it again and used her writing skill to engage the world in opening up discussions on the impact India is having globally. 
At a time when India is so much a part of our daily vocabulary, Kamdar compiles the facts, figures and statistics on how India is and will impact us in the United States as well as globally.  Her analysis is not only compelling but is delivered in a way for any layman to understand.

Understanding the companies, the people, the culture and the society is vital if the rest of the world wants to learn more about how this third world place has so quickly taken center stage among the giants.

But this dramatic story doesn’t just show India’s journey of redefining itself but also of the real life challenges it faces on the road ahead. It is India’s time to shine or sink and this book will enlighten you about the complexities surrounding the different destinies.

Although it’s filled with facts and figures, Planet India was easy to comprehend and presented complex topics in simple terms. It’s a great modern resource book for India. I passed along my copy to a college and I’ve missed having it on my book shelf so many times when a heated debate arises over a dinner party and I am looking to reference it. My advice: Don’t give your copy off, keep it close and keep it near! It’s a book worth keeping and a great conversation piece for friends and family.