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Celebrate Diwali; with Sweets, Lights, and Fireworks.

posted Oct 22, 2010, 11:56 PM by Diana Rohini LaVigne
Title: Celebrate Diwali; with Sweets, Lights, and Fireworks.
By: Deborah Heiligman
ISBN: 0-7922-5922-X
Publisher: National Geographic Society (
Review By: Diana Rohini LaVigne, Indian Life & Style Magazine

The entire collection of Holidays Around the World by National Geographic Society is amazing however Celebrate Diwali is one of the best of the bunch.
With rich, vivid photographs, bold use of color and creative and engaging text, Celebrate Diwali is an important book that engages young readers to explore this Indian festival of lights. The book cleverly weaves old generation knowledge with modern twists in celebration which delivers a book that is easily approachable for today’s youth and supported by elders alike.The book encourages readers to do more than read but to participate in some of the Diwali activies like cooking and learning Diwali’s main game, Teen Pathi. The book has an important section geared towards older readers, educators and family members with websites for more information and other complimentary books for more in-depth study. This book leaves you wanted to learn more, to participate more and to celebrate more. This engaging and creative work of art is an amazing contribution to children’s book in America.