Anoushka & Rohan's Party 2016

Anoushka (age 6) and Rohan (age 2) Celebrate their birthday!
Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016
Time: 2:30pm-4pm (late arrivals might not be able to participate in the educational activities starting at 2:45pm)
Location: Marine Science Institute, 500 Discovery Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94063
RSVP: Email RSVP to by May 1, 2016. Due to the requirements of the institute, late RSVPs might not be possible to honor. Sorry:-(
Notes:1) Dress SUPER casual. 2)No Gifts Please. 3) Park in Institute lot, not Stanford. 4) Arrive on time because it is a timed program. 


What is a Shoreline Educational Program?

The Shoreside Educational Program is a 2-hour program to learn more about Marine Life. Our young guests will visit the Marine Science Institute's beach and dock and classroom, and will use real oceanographic equipment while working as junior scientists to discover the types of creatures that live in the Bay. They will take a "mud grab" and find invertebrates that live at the bottom of the Bay and will also use a large beach net collect fish for examination. This program is most appropriate for children ages 5+ (younger kids will have plenty of fun hanging out at the shoreline and roaming the institute's many areas).The total length of the educational program is 2 hours. Program starts promptly at 2:45pm and late-comers will not necessarily be able to fully participate (depending on where they are in the program).

What is the age to participate? The educational program is most appropriate for children ages 5+ (younger kids will have plenty of fun hanging out at the shoreline and roaming the institute's many areas). Kids of all ages are welcome to come to the party, even if not participating in the educational program. The beachfront shoreline is appropriate for wading, playing in the sand and running around.


Will there be food? Not a full meal, however we will provide some food and a healthy cake/snack options to top off the afternoon. We are restricted by the location so it will be simple.


What restrictions are there for the institute? While this doesn’t directly involve you, we must be mindful to create as little waste/trash as possible. All trash will need to be carried offsite at the end by the hosts (me and my husband).  Help us by reusing cups and limiting paper goods. No alcohol is permitted (gift or for consumption) and no typical birthday decorations are permitted (ie no balloons). Also, they require me to provide them with a final number weeks in advance to help them prepare. This is why the RSVP is earlier and important.


Will there be photos taken?  Yes, a professional photojournalist, Preston Merchant (, will be taking images throughout the activities. He will be sharing the images with the wider group and the center which are okay to use for non-commercial use. You can post or use images for any personal use. Also, the center may use the images to help promote their programs and activities. All professional use must be cleared by photographer directly.


What should I bring? I suggest you bring rain boots/waterproof boots (e.g. , a waterproof bag for muddy/wet clothing and a change of clothing for post-water activities. Please do not dress fancy—including adults (think Holi clothingJ). This is a jeans and t-shirt event. Even adults will get dusty so please wear your ‘get dirty’ clothing and not party wear.


What shouldn’t I bring? Absolutely no gifts please. Your presence is Anoushka and Rohan's gift. Any gifts given will be donated 'unopened' to a local charity. But please don’t bring something—if you want to donate to charity, just drop it off directly at the charity thus saving us the effort in transporting it. Thank you for respecting our desire to promote a celebration with a focus of being with friends and not on material goods. We are blessed to have everything we need. We will give one ‘group’ gift to each child. Removing gift-giving as a habit is a core family value that we feel very strongly about so thank you so much for helping us preserve it.


What should adults expect to do? This birthday party is a bit different because there is a lot of activity happening throughout the time period. Adults will have less to do because the kids will be heavily occupied for a majority of the party. Adults are welcome to walk around with their kids during all the activities or just sit back and relax. The institute has plenty of places for adults to explore while kids are doing activities too. We have at least 5 chaperons/ instructors for this party so we have full coverage during the activity times for kids.


Where can kids change? There are bathrooms at the institute that can used for this purpose. Some kids may just take a top layer off and not need a full change.


What is at the institute? There is free-parking, on their gravel lot. There are indoor bathrooms and sinks. There is an outdoor play area, beach front area, bench seating around, and a covered marine wild life area where kids/adults can look at the marine life swim around. There is an outdoor gazebo with benches where we will be hosting the post learning Happy Birthday sing song. There is are decks to explore that go out into the water.

How do I RSVP? Either email me at your RSVP with # attending adults and kids (separate numbers) and how many vegetarians. Or you can fill out the online invite to submit your RSVP.


What else? We realize this style birthday party isn’t for everyone so please feel free to send me any questions you might have to get you comfortable with it. My email is We would be delighted to have you participate. 

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